October 26, 2011 (Email letter)

Ms. Diana Ljungaeus, Executive Director
L.A. Press Club

Dear Ms. Ljungaeus:

It is my pleasure to share this letter of support for Dr. Gloria Zuurveen, Founder and Publisher of PACE Newspaper.  Since 1990, I have consistently witnessed the most dedicated socioeconomic development journalist in the greater Los Angeles area.  Ms. Zuurveen constantly provides valued-added services on a broad range of vital issues, including, but not limited to, public education, local government and community affairs.

Our nonprofit agency, the Southland Partnership Corporation, contributes weekly personal health articles for PACE readers.  Ms.  Zuurveen publishes these 500-word educational articles on behalf of our organization as a public benefit and community service.  This has been in place for the past eight years and we are deeply appreciative of her responsible activity for the betterment of Los Angeles.

Accordingly, I feel it only fitting Ms. Zuurveen be considered as a regular asset to the Los Angeles Press Club, in particular as a representative of local African American interests, as well as a deep reverence of church activities indicative of her ministerial credentials.  The L.A. Press Club is a perfect fit to have Ms. Zuurveen participate in board meetings and to extend positive information about the south Los Angeles region, a side too often overlooked by mainstream media.  I believe her representation of the L.A. Press Club as an innovative opportunity for our mutual area residents and business owners of the greater Los Angeles basin.

Respectfully submitted,

Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.

Southland Partnership Corporation

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