Pleasure to recommend

October 25, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

It gives me immeasurable pleasure to recommend the character and talent of Gwen M. Thomas, Professor of Business & Management for West Los Angeles College.  Surely, you too will find Ms. Thomas as a truly gifted and innovative individual eager to help young aspiring business people grow into the world of enterprise management.   Her dedication to sound business ethics is unquestionably worthy of forwarding this letter of recommendation.

Gwen Thomas demonstrates sound team spirit through her guidance role as a professional instructor.  I know Ms. Thomas first hand by working with the annual Los Angeles Black Business Expo and Trade Show where she encourages and directs her students to acquire higher means of access and skills within a real networking business environment.  Whether through a seemingly small or elaborate effort, a day does not go by without someone within her circle of past and current students benefiting from Ms. Thomas’ proficient teaching program.  Her exceptional skills extend far beyond that of the four walls of her classroom.  Ms. Thomas teaches a vigorous course of action that brims over into the community, with a strong resolve of dynamic leadership for the betterment of the Greater Los Angeles area.

Ms. Thomas develops her students and colleagues as a global business motivator with open and honorable views.  She consistently surpasses expectations for responsibly managing a college classroom.  Ms. Thomas affirms that mediocrity has no recognizable place in a responsibly competitive organization.  Time after time, she sends a very clear message for promoting the highest standards of service to people interested in working within, managing or running a business enterprise.

I am personally delighted to know a dynamic individual who understands the importance of effective and efficient business administration.  Our society benefits exponentially from her well instructed students, who are better prepared to take care of business, thereby raising the quality of life for us all.


Dean L. Jones
Executive Director