January 30, 2009

President Barack Obama
Vice President Joseph Biden
Middle-Class Task Force

Dear Messrs. President and Vice President:

The economic fabric of our major cities is filled with business growth models.  In view of that, our future impact on generating growth can best be served through collaborative processes in order to gain increased inclusion of all residents and business enterprises.

I wish to offer a Middle-Class Task Force strategy that works to activate immediate vitality between small business developers and job developers to achieve numerous deliverables all resulting in an immediate impact of economic growth.  Chiefly, this strategy initiates a grant program (localized financial aid) that goes directly to business owners for immediate hiring from a qualified pool of candidates would be a direct stimulus to local economies.

Federal, State, County and City funded WorkSource Centers and other job development groups are mandated to work with large to small businesses to identify current and future employment opportunities.  Likewise, Federal and State small business development centers work with these firms to identify lending and management support.  Let’s take advantage of these existing economic platforms and grant designated growth wages to middle-classed enterprises to support their respective workforce needs over a specified period.  This would achieve a small business rescue and a job creation plan with existing management groups and oversight agencies.

For example, targeting companies with 2-60 employees and through a business plan salary-grant process award $100,000 designated for wages of no more than one year.  The idea is to hire and implement a business strategy to boost sales or lower costs of the small business owner.  The money would have to go directly to salary(s) and loaded labor expenses and nothing else.  At a minimum, America would go back to work for a year and we could receive immediate outcomes on small business inclusion.

By then, major banks would in a better position to make working capital loans to small businesses that would a greater repayment potential.  Implementing a down-to-earth economic stimulus program will have very lofty replication prospective throughout the country.    It plainly represents a mind mapping strategy on fresh economic development awareness.

The illustration below highlights the major collaborative members, but in no way attempts to detail a program.  Feel free to contact me with questions during normal business hours at, (310) 637-7248, or anytime by email at

Empowering regards,

Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.
Chief Strategist

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