February 23, 2006

Jeffrey S. Rosen, Executive Vice President
US Bank
425 Walnut Street
Cincinnati, OH45202

Dear Jeffrey:

It was a pleasure meeting with you yesterday, together with Mary Ann Mitchell, Adrian Marsh, and Skip Cooper.  The brief introductory discussion was informative for everyone in the meeting.

The activity associated with community development undoubtedly comes with a stream of requests for in-kind support and donations from US Bank.  For this reason, I would like to stand out and offer my support to you.  I would like to lend a hand to your corporate representation as it comes with a highly favorable opportunity to make a difference on the quality of life for people around the country.

The large and growing population of the greater Los Angeles basin is often an overwhelming challenge for our region.  Humbly, I am extending an insight on the various campaigns and activities that may have value to US Bank.  Certainly, we want to help add input that will yield immediate importance, demonstrate results, and serve to aid in your investment decisions to optimize your resources of time, labor, and money.

You have an open invitation to visit our office at the Compton Careerlink Worksource Center, as I am sure you can make good use of our team’s many combined decades of living and working in this region.  We want to make sure you have innovative strategies to build opportunities for people and small businesses.

To gain a greater appreciation our organization’s services, please feel free to visit our web site  Since 2000, our agency is consistently supporting the public and private sectors in their rapid deployment of workforce information via our work product producing the POWER Collaborative Network.  In addition, we balance this community outreach with our experienced supplier engagement activities and supply chain management services.

Thank you for your time and input.  I am looking forward to speaking with you soon.


Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.