July 6, 2005

Mitch Fisherman
The World Shoe Association
15821 Ventura Blvd., Suite 415
Encino, CA 91436

Dear Mr. Fisherman:

The World Shoe Association (WSA) terminated me on July 5, 2005, representing the first over nearly three decades of my terrific career.  I came to WSA offering high skills experienced in trade show management, and exceptional business creativity.  During the interview Ms. Luann Alesio, Operations Manager clearly embraced these attributes and WSA’s reference check verified the same from the requested business references.

For that reason, this termination appears to concentrate on WSA’s inexperience with understanding its current labor need as described by the job announcement for Show Manager.  This employee-employer deal resulted from matching the job responsibilities and labor resources needed to be a part of a management team and operate a major industry trade show.  WSA released me for a reason unassociated with the aforementioned job candidate and acceptance agreement.

Ms. Luann Alesio explained that her reason for termination is to hire a job applicant that could deliver more proficiently in Excel spreadsheet production; versus someone, more experienced in trades show management.  She explained that she has cause to terminate since I have minimal use of an Excel spreadsheet use.  It now appears that WSA is looking for someone like an accountant, bookkeeper, or clerk to fulfill the agreed upon position.  As you probably know, Excel is a user-friendly program that only requires a few hours of familiarity to reacquaint you with how to produce management quality reports.  In contrast, it takes many professional trade shows to develop the skills and passion that WSA said it was looking for to fill this stated position.

Your current vital exhibit collaborator GES, my past employer Los Angeles Business Expo, and previous employer the California Gift Show all verified my capabilities with optimistic responses.  However, somewhere between my start date and less than 120 hours of work time, WSA executives changed the parameters of the position.  WSA switched the agreed upon basis of candidate selection causing there to be a faint gap in my qualifications.

WSA released me without the complete opportunity to produce.  Under normal and accommodating conditions, you leave room for a new employee to adjust and adapt, not terminate and release.  It is unfair of WSA to ask me to commit to its specialized teamwork and demanding schedules, only to have it change its mind without fair consideration or reason.  This termination lacks California employer integrity that adheres to fair-mindedness in job applicant recruitment to meet the prescribed work parameters and expectations.

For this reason, WSA is obliged to extend another job opening to me and make good on its’ original promise of selecting a trade show manager.  In the process, WSA will build a better employee-employer relationship that resembles professional contract protocol.  WSA is a well-built organization with a strong history, giving it the capacity to do the right thing and to amend a wrongful and impulsive dismissal.

M. Fisherman,
Page 2.

This letter allows WSA the opportunity to rebuild mutual respect, and in no manner attempts to serve as a letter of requirement or stipulation.  Please know that I am more than willing to support and restore my trust and interest to work with WSA.

It is with great anticipation that I look forward to your favorable prompt response.  Feel free to telephone me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.




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