Public utility complaint

August 1, 2011

California Public Utilities Commission

Dear California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC):

Our residential Southern California Edison (SCE) power service is developing a pattern of outage that I feel concerned enough about that I am notifying the California Public Utilities Commission with this correspondence.  For the past two months, June and July 2011, on the last day of each month SCE has provided no power to our residential area for more than ten consecutive hours, respectively.  June 30, 2011 it was twelve hours and July 31, 2011 it was ten hours and then intermittent interruptions for another three-four hours thereafter.

This is doubly disturbing to me since SCE asked for community support with their 2009 rate case and when I inquired about the aforementioned power interruptions, their outreach or interest in the matter was totally opposite their enthusiasm of my support for their rate increase procedures before the CPUC.  Consequently, please accept this as a frank complaint letter from a residential family customer, but I am confident that others have noticed similar irregularities with SCE’s declining level of service in the Carson residential area.

I would like to add that the SCE smart meters in our area were installed around the same time.  I have not seen any literature on smart meters, so I assume they would not cause power disruptions or even human DNA cellular damage for that matter.


Dean Jones

Consistent SCE Residential Customer Since 1974
Daytime Phone: (310) 637-7248

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