Debt Dispute

November 18, 2011

Municipal Services Bureau,
P.O. Box 16755
Austin, TX 78761-6755

RE: DEBT DISPUTE – Reference No., Dated November 9, 2011

Dear Sirs/Madams:

We are in receipt of your letter dated November 9, 2011, in which you request certain amounts owed to the City of Los Angeles.  We find this request for monies invalid and void of appropriate verification of violators.  As originally reported, the fine is based on posting handbills on city property poles, where we repeat that neither I nor any employees have association with posting material.

It is our assumption that the wrongful posting most likely used our address with any authorization, consent or permission, as we have no stake in rental agreements of events.   We operate solely as a venue, not that of an event promoter.  We are indemnified from the outside illegal actions of others who have no affiliation with our company, who upon special occasions hold private events in a portion of our facility.

It is suggested that the city pursue the contact person(s) on the posted material, and not track the address that has no interest with promotion or notification of an event. Accordingly, I formally deny any responsibility with the referenced outstanding debt and request that your collection agency request the city of Los Angeles to review the appropriate violators associated with this claim, thereby completely removing my name from this referenced debt obligation.


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