Mission Statement

As a valued partner, the National Black-Business Council vigorously advocates greater opportunities and equity for people most in need through relationship building and education.   National Black-Business Council activity loyally collaborates to expand entrepreneurial capacities that deliver quality products and services into vital markets.  The National Black-Business Council is a trustworthy steward and much-needed catalyst of industry expansion targeted at emerging business enterprises to enable positive job creation within viable urban regions throughout the United States of America.

Since 1992, as a federally recognized nonprofit 501 (c) (6) organization, the National Black-Business Council has successfully inspired and implemented initiatives to make California and other states more small business inclusive, and continues to champion public-private sector industry leaders to provide open access to contracting that ensures a pro-business climate.

The National Black-Business Council represents leadership with…

  • Promoting 25,000 Black-owned and Operated Business enterprises, collectively      comprised of more than 250,000 employees,
  • Engaging Fortune 1,000 Corporations, including 30 industry sectors,
  • Motivating more than 2,000 Governmental Local, State, and Federal Agencies,
  • Advocating for 50,000 Minority Businesses Enterprises from Coast-to-Coast, including 100 Business Trade Associations,
  • Assisting 500 Middle/High Schools Students Excelling in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education with Brighter Future Programs, and Graduating 1,000 students/Interns from the Institute of the NBBC’s leadership programs.

Socioeconomic Achievement Beyond Profit

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